New Construction Defects: Telltale Signs and What to Do

New Construction Defects: Telltale Signs and What to Do

20 September 2022
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Defects can ruin your elation of moving into your brand new home once the construction is complete. Know how to spot such defects and get the builder to rectify them.

Typical Signs of Problems

Some defects are easier to spot than others. Below are some telltale signs of defects.


Cracks on different parts of the house can mean different problems. For example:

  • Cracks on the walls or tiles might mean that the foundation is settling.
  • Cracks on paved areas, such as walkways, might point to installation problems, poor surface preparation, or poor concrete mixing.
  • Cracks on wood might point to moisture problems.

The bigger the cracks are, the more you should be worried about them. Visual examination is the best way to detect cracks. Walk around the home and examine the walls, cabinets, floors, ceiling, and pavements for cracks.


A typical house has multiple joints. Check the joints for gaps that might mean poor installation or material choice. For example, gaps between floorboards might result from moisture problems, and the gaps can widen with time. Other gaps you should be concerned about include gaps between doors and walls, windows and walls, or tiles.


Misalignment can be both a cosmetic problem and a structural issue. For example, misalignment of wall tiles is an eyesore, but it can also mean that the wall is reacting to foundation settling. Other areas you might spot misalignment include doorways, windows, and cabinets.

What to Do

Start with relatively easy solutions that won't cost you much time and money before trying challenging solutions. Below is an overview of how to progress with your quest for

Contact the Builder

Good builders know that mistakes happen and will be more than glad to rectify them. Contact the builder and explain your concerns. Give the builder reasonable time, say a few months, to rectify the mistake.


Try alternative dispute resolution (ADR) if the builder does not accept their mistake, recognize the defect, rectify it in time, or rectify the defect to your satisfaction. Mediation and arbitration are the common ADRs to try for these cases. You can try ADR alone or seek a lawyer's help. Always involve a lawyer for defects that will likely cost you a lot of money.

Seek Legal Redress

You have the right to go to court and force the builder to rectify their mistake, especially if the above processes don't help. Provide your lawyer with the relevant documentation and evidence, such as the construction contract.

For more information, contact a real estate attorney in your area today.

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