Six Things That Consumers Who Own A Home Should Know About Bankruptcy

18 November 2021
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One of the biggest fears of homeowners who go through bankruptcy is that they will lose their homes. Fortunately, people can often keep their homes despite a bankruptcy filing. The following are six things that homeowners should know about bankruptcy.  Filing for any type of bankruptcy will lead to an "automatic stay" that stalls the foreclosure process. One thing about filing for bankruptcy that can give homeowners some initial relief is that a bankruptcy filing triggers an " Read More …

Hiring Business Lawyers To Advise You On Buying Real Estate

20 August 2021
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When your business has outgrown its current location, you may look for a new property to buy so you can expand. However, you may lack the legal savvy to know what constitutes a good investment for your company and what properties that you should avoid considering or buying. To ensure that you invest in a worthy building to move to or real estate on which to build, you can hire legal advisors to guide you. Read More …

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